Art Curator

manifestación artística se debe a su capacidad de narrar o representar circunstancias propias de su época.
art war director del museo Antonio Manfredi, casoria, italia cerca napoli

Consider intriguing juxtapositions between art works. Create an interesting dialogue amongst the works and the audience. Walk through the space in your mind; is there a logical flow between the works? Will the audience understand what you are trying to convey?
A curator is not a creator but a facilitator for both the audience and the artists and a messenger who delivers ideas from contemporary society. A good curator needs to understand the audience and to fully communicate with the artists to let their work speak out to the public.”
Include in your budget: artists’ fees, project fees, overhead, advertising, printing catalog and invitations, shipping and handling, customs duty, framing, installing, lighting and opening expenses. Putting on an exhibition can quickly add up.