Robert Anton W.

Being or unbeing ?
Its all about perception of the noises, smells, gestures..

Explain cuantic physics simply ?
When I moved from L.A to something called PT an officer tell us we were living in S. Monica so I decided to go find out the true. The truth was that we were living in El Palo. So cuantic physics: being in 3 places in the same time without being in any of those places 

People invented the lines in the map and invented the lines in physics 

Universe is bigger than any of our models :
Any description of the universe isn't accrue. Our brain and science is capable at the time we look at the universe, how our mind works, our neurosysteme

Our perception is gamble, we believe what we see and dont make an interpretation
Every type of ideology, religion, cult, supersis, prejudice result of not realising is all about perception
What we perceive is because of culture language friends 

What I perceive is not what's out there, is just what I perceive

We believe what we see and then we belive our interpretation of it
We don't even lo making an interpretation most of the time
What I percieve is naive-realism

Platon and Buddha refuse naive realisisme

What you found out is true realitive only to the instrument you are using  and where is located in space-time

We are all looking from the point of view of our own reality time
Every reality tunnel might tell us something interesting about ourselves 

All of our reality construction-models, all of them are approximations, metaphors, allegories from what's going on. All what we see is an alegory   

We are negociating our stories

Existence is not a word neither a mathematic equation

the map is not the territory
the world is to describe 

One doesn't count more than the other they are equal

To be able to keep believing in ourselves,we try to erase/raise contradictory evidence to that model

Life doesnt have a meaning; meaning is a symbol

Homewarl of a truely free man is not believing in anything

People who get high get happy and get ambitious 

"Mundo que va rapido mucha informacion que no alcanzamos a procesar muchas imagenes que no somos concientes pero se nos graban en el inconsiente de ahi sacamos toda la imaginativa de nuestros sueños.
Que no pueden entender el mundo y piensan que hay explicaciones secretas "